Palm Beach, Vol. 1

Дата: 16.06.2017

Finest In Lounge & Deep House / Various artists.

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Palm Beach, Vol. 1

Finest In Lounge & Deep House / Various artists.

Release Date: June 16, 2017

Label: Karmatones

Copyright: ℗© Karmatones

Total Length: 2:13:17

Genres: Dance & Electronic 


1 Song For Gilberto by Jay Steele MidiBand

2 Totaly Deep by Svendaq

3 Sunny Monday by Marga Sol

4 Mime Actor by Van

5 As Was Wes by Greg Walker

6 Sea King by False Image

7 Rhodesdestodes by Julian Maier-Hauff

8 Oyo Como Va (feat. Franky Harper) by Marco Bianchi

9 Crying In The Moonlight (Wilton De Grey Moonlight Remix) by Intelligent Rich and Beautiful

10 Colourful Life (feat. Joao) [Mark Newport Remix] by Mia Lemar

11 Nice To See You by Ardis & Newmann

12 Sun Lover by Peter Pearson

13 2800m Above by Rex Kramer

14 Fly by Ocean Mind

15 Call It Love by M. Vitoria

16 Touch My Soul by Lounge Groove Avenue

17 Fade Away by Runthesphere

18 Ganja Tribe (Long Tribe Edit) by Living Room

19 Go Brooklyn by Dominik Pointvogl

20 Red Fruits by Kiss Me Yesterday

21Catalaya by Basti Grub

22 Love Is Forever (Extended Mix) by Larry Scottish

23 Merry Dancers by Artur Bayramgalin

24 Tonight (Late Night Mix) by Dany Cohiba, Groove Salvation

25 Romantique Part Un (Sensitive Mix) by Simon Le Grec