Thirty Ways To Chill, Vol. 1

Дата: 13.12.2016

Relaxed Chill Out & Lounge Grooves.

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Thirty Ways To Chill, Vol. 1 (Relaxed Chill Out & Lounge Grooves) 

Release Date: December 13, 2016

Label: Karmabreeze

Copyright: Karmabreeze

Total Length: 2:16:47

Genres: Dance & Electronic, chillout, lounge.

1. Ornament by Breezz Studio

2. Cosmic Sweeper by Svendaq

3. India by Mirko Firzlaff

4. Ko Samui Nights by Sunyata Project

5. Slow Lane by Cooops

6. Whirl by Placid Larry

7. Shadow Play by Urban Phunk Society

8. Hourglass by Flacoustics

9. Mesma (Extended Mix) by Pharaon

10. Realize (Extended Mix) by Keyklova

11. Take To The Air by S.D.J.

12. Welcome To My House (Extended Mix) by Deepberry

13. Sundowner Love by Living Room

14. You Are My Sunshine (Extended Mix) by Ezechiel

15. Jan (Extended Mix) by Benatural

16. Music For Your Soul by Clelia Felix

17. Walking Around by Dejan Vizant

18. Kolkota Taxi by Billy Esteban

19. Down For You by DJ Quincy Ortiz

20. Roland Garros by Florent Campana

21. Prelude by Charly Mclion

22. Deep in my Heart by Dan Bay

23. Camels Came by Ficture

24. Bars by Corrado Saija

25. From Tokyo With Love by Five Seasons

26. Moon Light by Denis Melody

27. Easy Lover by Lounge Groove Avenue

28. Oasis by Steven Solveig

29. Shizuka by Naoki Kenji

30. Nights Turn Blue by Climatic