Morning Chill, Vol. 2

Дата: 21.03.2017

Best Of Lay Back Good Morning Music / various artists.

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Morning Chill, Vol. 2 (Best Of Lay Back Good Morning Music) various artists.

Release Date: March 21, 2017

Label: Karmatones

Copyright: ℗© Karmatones

Total Length: 2:26:31

Genres:Dance & Electronic


1. Premadhara - The Stream Of Love (Extended Orchestral Version) by Wilton de Grey

2. Tai Spice by Quincy Ortiz

3. Balearic Dreams by Kai French

4. Insouciance by Rinat KaaS

5. Unspoken Words by Zer 6Nube De Agua (feat. Ines Prados) [Extended Mix] by Roberto Sol

7. You're Awesome by Breezz Studio

8. Immiscible by E-Motive

9. Samadhi State (Extended Mix) by Sunyata Project

10.Melville Sings The Blues (feat. Leo Zabarella) [Extended Mix] by Chris Le Blanc

11.Eternally In Love by Sami Sivananda

12.Believe by Cooops

13.Love Echoes by Urban Phunk Society

14.Our Waves by Lounge Groove Avenue

15.Cycle by Bodo Schopf

16.Children by Marga Sol

17.Love Makes Me Sad by Tom Strobe

18.Other Rules (Original Chillout Mix) by Submersion

19.Frozen by Seven24, MAA, R.I.B

20.August by Sad radio on Cassini

21.Earth Angels by Rega Avoena

22.Bossalove by R.I.B

23.Too Close To You (feat. Alexsandra Mell) by Philip Aniskin

24.Rainy Fairy Tale by Philip Aniskin

25.Cote d'Azur by Nikolay Mikryukov

26.Flamingo Hilton by Dominik Pointvogl

27.Rahamane (Extended Mix) by Allume

28.Lake (Extended Mix) by Benatural

29.Everytime You Go Away by KoolSax

30.Harmatan by Mich Gerber