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A reedy mournfulness gives way to outstretched arms seeking to capture the light in a new CD “Green Sapphire”!

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“I had a dream, standing alone with my father on the bank of a deep stream. He wanted to give me the green crystal and said it was very important and should be protected. I accidentally dropped it in the stream, but managed to grab it and save it. When I woke up, I wrote the song Green Sapphire. And with this track, I finally started working on a new album.”

The title song “Green Sapphire” is full of melodic power, which finds its roots in the indigenous music world. “Obsession” shows a different musical path by choosing the impetuous jazzy variant.

“Bay Street” will delight friends of Pacific Coast Jazz, as Artur’s guitar brings familiar sounds closer. “Pantera” captivates with a catchy theme embedded in an effective groove. “Russian Roulette” is a lethal game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against their head, and pulls the trigger. Artur knows how to musically absorb the tension of the course of this dangerous game.

“Jazz Do It 2020” introduces the muted trumpet as a counter element to Artur’s guitar recital. Thus the jazzy moment is supplied in higher doses. “Dejavu” combines Bossa Nova rhythm with sonic guitar sounds who will surely find a sympathetic audience. “Let’s Party” evokes memories of Cat Stevens’ song The First Cut Is The Deepest.

It is always refreshing to get an alternative insight into smooth jazz from the Russian world. Despite stylistic differences to the American version, this is an unmistakable sign of the international breakthrough of this genre.

Smooth Jazz Daily

Released Janiary 11, 2020

Genres: Jazz / fusion

A. Kartashov – bass (1,8)
A. Buzz – sax (1,5)
A. Gimaev – trampet (3,6)
A. Yagafarov – keyboads (8)
A. Bayramgalin – composer, guitars, producer