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Stretching into the dappled light: “GREEN SAPPHIRE” – review in glissando magazine.

Stretching into the dappled light: “GREEN SAPPHIRE” – review in glissando magazine.
A reedy mournfulness gives way to outstretched arms seeking to capture the light in a new CD “Green Sapphire” from Artur Bayramgalin.

The title track  journeys comfortably as a mood piece of pastel colors. It’s a deceptive start, because the stop-start jaggedness of “Obsession” follows, paying a visit to dissonance and choppy rhythms. “Jazz Do It 2020” sets the tone with campy defiance, then shows off its opposite side by dropping in some smooth lyricism. Based on its name, one would think “Let’s Party” would be a raucous celebration, but instead, it’s a confident strut that has a well-fitted hook and a pinch of funk.

Artur has tossed a ton of wildflowers into the air and the sun has caught each one from a drastically different angle. Inventiveness reigns.

What is your intention with “Green Sapphire”?

The story of the composition is quite interesting. I had a dream about standing alone with my father on the bank of a deep stream. He wanted to give me the green crystal and said it was very important and should be protected. I accidentally dropped it in the stream, but managed to grab it and save it. When I woke up, I wrote the song “Green Sapphire.” And with this track, I finally started working on a new album.

How would you compare “Sapphire” with your other albums?

In my opinion, it has become more mature. In 2018, I had a serious traffic accident. After my recovery, my main desire was to start writing music again. “Sapphire” gave me this opportunity.

What are your goals for 2020?

The main goal is to continue working in the studio, writing new music.

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