Slow Down Ibiza, Vol. 1

Дата: 05.05.2017

Balearic Calm Chill Tunes / Various artists.

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Slow Down Ibiza, Vol. 1 (Balearic Calm Chill Tunes)

Various artists

Release Date: May 5, 2017

Label: Karma Elements

Copyright: ℗© Karma Elements

Total Length: 2:25:53

Genres: Dance & Electronic


1 Into It by Nicole Starling

2 Smooth Move by Ardis & Newmann

3 Sun Lover by Peter Pearson

4 We Lost A Good Friend by Bodo Schopf

5 Feel Intensity by Lisa Jest

6 Donau by Robert Scharnke

7 Make It Yours by Lisa Jest

8 Sway With Me by Maria Bliss

9 Soul Mind Ride by John Air

10 Evolution Of Space by Phase 3

11 Ibiza Nightlife by Madison Beach

12 Lounge by Elevator Notes

13 Atmosphere Your Soul by Binaural Active

14 Great Things by Ocean Mind

15 Tomorrow Land by Milo Lavansteen

16 Chill The Night by Shining Stone

17 Summer Night by Liam Mason

18 Lost In The Jungle by Gillian Hope

19 Momentos Azules (feat. Ines Prados) [El Sur Mix] by Roberto Sol

20 Zen Garden by Manuel Monroe

21 In The Kitchen by Rex Kramer

22 Yellow Reflections by Zer

23 Limo Service by Dominik Pointvogl

24 You're Awesome by Breezz Studio

25 Children Of The Metropolis by Rinat KaaS

26 Walking On The Moon by S.D.J.

27 Feels Like Home (Extended Mix)by Soap Bubbles

28 Ahora (feat. Ines Prados) [Radio Edit] by Chris Le Blanc, Roberto Sol

29 Before The Flood by E-Motive

30 Ornament by Breezz Studio