Naked Ibiza, Vol. 1

Дата: 06.06.2017

Pure Fresh Balearic Summer Chill Tunes / Various artists.

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Naked Ibiza, Vol. 1 

Pure Fresh Balearic Summer Chill Tunes / Various artists.

Release Date: June 6, 2017

Label: Karmasound

Copyright: ℗© Karma Elements

Total Length: 2:24:38

Genres: Electronic / chillout


1 Premadhara - The Stream Of Love (Extended Orchestral Version) by Wilton de Grey

2 Balearic Dreams by Kai French 

3 Riding The Yellow by Zer

4 Dancing Butterfly (Remix 2017) by Breezz Studio

5 Street Waves by E-Motive

6 Te Amo (feat. Ines Prados) by Roberto Sol

7 Faith In A Miracle by Rinat KaaS

8 Mystic Adventures (Oriental Chill Mix) by Sunyata Project

9 Stranded by Chris Le Blanc

10 Midnight Blue by Mirko Firzlaff

11 Pure by Sami Sivananda

12 The Landing by Cooops

13 Nessance by Remundo

14 Blue Bossa by Svendaq

15 8 a.m. Ibiza Sunrise by Miss Luna

16 Curacao by Svendaq

17 Colourful Life by Garuda Project

18 Love At Dawn by Luc Forlorn

19 So Alive (feat. Liz Kretschmer) by Zeequencha

20 River Boy Waterfall Girl (feat. Lynette Carveth) by Taste of dream

21 Summertime by Marco Bianchi

22 Colourful Life by Mia Lemar

23 They Need You by Oscar Salguero

24 Porcelain (Extended Mix) by Larry Scottish

25 Mesma (Extended Mix) by Pharaon

26 Eau De Vie by Schwarz & Funk

27 For Always by Goo-Boot

28 Mawazo by Stuce The Sketch

29 Into The Blue by Five Seasons

30 Invitation To Joy by Paulsen & Stryczek