Dirty Lounge Radio, Vol. 1

Дата: 03.03.2017

Dynamic Lounge Beats / Various artists.

Dirty Lounge Radio, Vol. 1 (Dynamic Lounge Beats)

Various artists

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Label: Karmasound

Copyright: ℗© Karmasound

Genres: Dance & Electronic


1 Cafe Rendez-vous (Remix 2017) by Breezz Studio

2 Walking In The Night by After Sunrise

3 Nube De Agua (feat. Ines Prados) [Extended Mix] by Roberto Sol

4 Futuro (feat. Ines Prados) [Burning Man Festival Remix] by Miss Luna

5 El Sur (feat. Ines Prados) by Chris Le Blanc, Roberto Sol

6 Bittersweet by Alexander S. Karlov, Vuestra Merced

7 It's A New Day by Svendaq

8 Come In My Life (feat. Joahn Dashi) [Matthias Freudmann Remix] by Christos Fourkis

9 Slow Love in Motion (Extended Mix) by Sunyata Project

10 Into The Sun by Placid Larry

11 Just Be Yourself by Project Weekend Sound

12 Love Saves The Day by Urban Phunk Society

13 Let's Start It by Dormidontov

14 Moody by Slavian

15 Nowhere (feat. Ananda O) by Lamliki

16 The Sun Is Going To Shine Again (feat. Dia) by Bildertal, Gluexskind

17 Nightwalk by Simon Handle

18 Hope (feat. Jama) [Vocal mix] by Seven24, Soty

19 City Love (Lumina2 Mix) by The Renroc

20 Företag by Komfortrauschen

21 Not Yet Begun (feat. R0T0M0D) [Dfumh Mr Hoff Remix] by Julian Maier-Hauff

22 Miami by Night by Living Room

23 Diner En Blanc by Dominik Pointvogl

24 Crazy Jam (Jazzy Mix) by Otamoo

25 Keep The Bounce (feat. Rosantique) by Kiss Me Yesterday

26 Crazy Jam (Afib Mix) by Otamoo

27 Voyage (Extended Mix) by Zulu Natives

28 The Girls (Extended Mix) by Teaman

29 Petra (Extended Mix) by Soap Bubbles

30 Together Forever (Extended Mix) by Sak Chaime